The Ripples That Started It All

Welcome back all my fellow stone throwers to our continued journey.  For those who are new welcome to our journey through this 30 hour famine.  Last week we dropped a stone into a vast body of water. First we were focusing on the rock, but after we shifted our focus to the ripples that our stone created.  Now for this week lets return to that ocean, to the place where you created those ripples.  The question I have for you is how many ripples did you make?  Was it one, two or maybe even more?  Just as your one rock made many ripples, our one idea can give start to a multitude of actions.

For this 30 hour famine we are participating in this fast to raise money to help hungry people around the world.  This past week focused on the hungry of the world, which perfectly lined up with our Ash Wednesday peanut butter and jelly night.  What is Peanut butt and Jelly night you may ask?  Well let me explain it to you.

Every Ash Wednesday the youth group will get together after mass and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which is later donated to the local charity which is then distributed to those in need in the community.  Just like the ripple has to start where the rock lands in the water, in order to be able to go out and make a difference you should start close to home.

As we started to make these sandwiches we started to talk about how much we loved to eat them as well and then we started to talk about all our other favorite foods and believe me the list went on and on.  Then we talked about some of our least favorite foods.  At this point I will invite the reader to participate as well what is one of your favorite foods and what is one of your least favorite?  Now imagine that you have no choice you will have to eat your least favorite food to survive.  That may be a little extreme, but for the people receiving these sandwiches this may be the only thing that they would have eaten all day.

Now going back to the ripples again, one action with many changes.  The first way that we make a positive change is that we physically feed the people, to nourish their bodies.  As they always say man was not made to live on bread alone, but what else is there?  I think Mother Teresa says it best “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”  It is much more than just a sandwich, it is a sign to the recipient that some one out there cares about them and took the time to make them some food.  As the teens can tell you making peanut butter and jelly can be a messy and troublesome task.  The fact that someone went through the trouble for them can make all the difference.

Just like the 30 hour famine, it is not just about raising the money, or just about feeding the needy.  It is the fact that a group of teens would be willing to take the time and sacrifice 30 hours of food and a weekend that makes all the difference.  With all these teens making their ripples, when combined get ready for some big waves on the horizon.  Thank you for your time in reading this.  Also for your support and prayers on this journey of ours.  Till next time have a pleasant and peaceful day.

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