The People Who Inspire Change

Hello and welcome back to our journey on our path to the 30 Hour Famine.  A journey like this does not happen over night, it takes special planning.  Think about your last vacation or the last time you took a trip.  Did you just jump into the car or a plane and go blindly?  Some of you risk takers might of, but for others it took time to plan and save for the trip.  This journey to the 30 hour famine is no different, it takes a lot of planning and a lot of late nights by a group of devoted people.  These people do things from planning the actual event, to making cookie dough for the lesson the next day.  These people are the leaders of the youth group, and here is the story of how they came together to make cookie dough.

During one of our planning meetings we discussed how we are supposed to make what they call “Empty Belly cookies” as a symbol of the hungry people that will be helped due to this 30 hour famine.  During this meeting we realized that it will be too long to make the dough and to bake the cookies.    So we decided to meet the night before to mix the dough needed for the cookies to help the teens with the lesson and their journey the next day.

So the Tuesday before the meeting we got together to make the dough.


After several pounds of butter, flour and a couple of hours later we had 8 batches of dough ready for the teens to roll out and shape into cookies.


I look forward to having the teens shape and bake the cookies that will be donated to the local food pantry.  Cookies that will provide some joy to the people receiving them.  Cookies that were started with the help of the dedicated leaders of the youth group.

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