A Cookie That Left People Wanting

Hello everyone and welcome back to our journey to the 30 hour famine.  Up to this point we have been talking about how a little rock can cause ripples and have to power to effect many things both near and far. This paints a very nice picture, but the message can still be easily lost for some.  To help clear this up we thought of a hands on project, one to easily demonstrate this point.  A project that once it was done will help not only the students but the leaders look at this journey in a whole new light.

The point of this 30 hour famine is to raise money to help the poor and hungry in other parts of the world. To help illustrate this we made what they call “Empty belly cookies” here is what they look like.


The cookies represented the people in the world that are going hungry.  As stated in our last post the leaders made the dough the night before to allow the teens to roll and shape the cookies.  When 7:30 came around they were ready to get to work and get to work they did.


Things seemed to be going smoothly, the dough was rolled, the cookies were cut properly and put on the baking sheet and they were cooking nicely in the oven.

The issue that we had was when we tried to get them off the trays and onto the cooling racks.

As we were removing them from the baking sheet they started breaking, we lost many good cookies during this time.  It was a little frustrating but it is in those times where the greatest lessons come from.  A teen who was helping with the cookies saw that they were breaking and said that the hole was causing a problem.  At first it did not register but then I noticed what they were talking about.  A majority of the cookies were next to the hole that we cut out in the middle of the cookie, were the edge of the hole was very close to the edge of the cookie.  They were right, these cookies were going to require extra care because of their missing center.

Just like the cookies needed careful attention, so to do the people who will be helped as a result of this 30 hour famine.  This is not just some task to be done or a race to the finish line.  These are people who need more than food to survive, they need the love of others to help light the way to a brighter future.  I think the quote from “With Every Act of Love'” by Jason Gray says it best”God put a million, million doors in the world For his love to walk through One of those doors is you”  We were put on this earth for a reason and that reason is to help shine God’s light on in this darkening world.  Thank you for your time and for taking this journey with us.  This weekend is the actual 30 hour famine event from Noon on Friday to 6:30 P.M. on Saturday.  Thank you for your support and prayers for the teens, till next time God bless.

1 thought on “A Cookie That Left People Wanting

  1. Love the streaming connections that will lead to an ocean of good ❤️


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