30 Hour Famine – DONE!!!

WE DID IT!!! We made it thru the 30 Hour Famine…while I can honestly say I know what it feels like to go hungry, I am blessed to be able to say that those days are a very distant memory. But I am reminded that there are people in the world today who may never know what it means not be hungry. Looking back on my initial thoughts about going 30 hours without a meal or food to eat, it was very thoughtless and selfish. I worried about me and what I would feel, I did not think about what it meant for the person who did not have a choice. I did not think about the child who did not have a choice. I did not think about the parents that could not feed their child.

I am so glad that God opened my eyes to that selfishness and helped me put it behind me so I could embrace the Grace that this experience gave me and, I will say confidently, to all of us that participated.

This experience left me humble and so in awe of the spirit of our Parish family and the young people in our ministry. Through them I saw the true Spirit of Christ and I hope they did too.

I thank Renata for having the foresight to bring this to us and the confidence to know that we would do it. I thank Father Joe for his spiritual guidance throughout the preparation for the and thru the weekend. I thank the leaders, Diane, Freddy & Brendan for their amazing support. I thank the teens, Ashley, Frank, Melvin, Alex & Shaina (hope I got the spelling right) for showing us what it means to commit to something and see it through. And a special thank you to Dawn for getting us up and exercising…starting our day off on the right foot!

Through this weekend I learned, again, that with faith & trust in God, you can do anything!

And yes, I am ready for next year …though I will have warmer socks and 1 more blanket🙏🏽

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